Táktika Comunicación

Táktika Comunicación S.L. is an Advertising Agency full service and founded in 1999 by professionals with a strong background in the sector.

Our activity includes the performance to create, plan, execute and distribute advertising campaigns through any media (print, radio, television, web, blog, …), using graphic media, drawings, movies, pictures, etc.. We also offer social media services (outsourcing), press offices, corporate image and identity, individual or editing services newsletters, brochures, books, files, reports, and reports. We produce and make radio and television, we organize all kinds of socio-cultural, educational, sports, tourism and recreation (exhibitions, workshops, excursions, …)

Another of our specialties is the organization of conferences, conventions, exhibitions and trade shows, public relations services or study, organization, execution and campaign development and marketing operations in all its varieties. We like advertising, both standard and spectacular billboards, signage, shares in airports, supermarkets or assembly and design of exhibition stands.

During these years we have worked with clients such as the Council of Vigo, Diputaciones Ourense and Pontevedra, the Xunta de Galicia (Consellería de Cultura, Consello da Cultura Galega …) Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo, Vigo Port Authority, the Foundation Laxeiro, the Sergas (Xeral Hospital, Meixoeiro, etc …), the Obispado Tui-Vigo, as well as many private sector companies recognized.

Our social identities: